We have the most extraordinary members and donors.

Some of you have been supporting this organization from the very beginning. Others have more recently learned about us. Many young women have become members this year. They don't necessarily have personal experience with breast cancer, but they know something is profoundly wrong with our environment and that it impacts our health directly.

With all the work we are doing, we need you more than ever.

So we ask you to please consider supporting us this December with a donation. You can also offer a donation as a gift to someone you care about and they will receive an ecard of your choice.

For a gift, scroll down our donation page to the Dedicate your Donation section and click on In honour of. Then you must enter the name of the recipient and click Send a Free Ecard to select your card.

If you prefer to send a real card in the post, please let us know and we will gladly do so in your name.

Whether a long-time member or newly onboard, it is you who keeps the most dynamic breast cancer and environmental health organization in Canada thriving. So many, many thanks.

Jennifer Beeman
Executive Director,
Breast Cancer Action Quebec