For more than 30 years — with your support — BCAQ has been working hard to get vital information about environmental and chemical links to breast cancer to the public, and we now know that our message is being heard.

BCAQ wants to ensure that all Canadians understand the urgency of this message. We want to stop women from being what Dr. David Suzuki has called the environmental 'canaries in the coalmine' and we want to ensure that our government is taking the necessary steps to stop industry from polluting our bodies and our environment.

We ask you to consider a financial gift to Breast Cancer Action Quebec to help us to continue to get this vital information to the public.

Send us a cheque to 469 Jean-Talon West, suite 430, Montreal, Quebec H3N 1R4 including the following information so we can send you a tax receipt:

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Call our office at 514-483-1846, #2 to pay with a credit card