The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is the foundation of our environmental regulations and it’s currently under review by the federal government.

Along with other environmental groups we have monitored this weak legislation for many years. It is in bad need of reform. Among much else it defines what constitutes a toxic substance, establishes controls on pollution emissions and hazardous wastes.  Federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations are linked to these definitions and controls.

The Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development was responsible for preparing a report to Parliament on proposed reforms and has produced an excellent report which we fully support. It sets out amendments that redefine « toxic » to include endocrine disrupting chemicals and take into account the dangerous nature of their low-dose exposures, among much else.

We fully endorse the recommendations of the report and now we need to show Parliament that we want these changes.

The forceful chemical industry would like the current legislation to remain in place as it is so lax and lets them do business as usual.

It is up to concerned individuals and groups like ours to put pressure on the government to take action on this report and move it forward by proposing amended legislation to Parliament.

As individuals, you can:

Drop by our office to sign one of our #fixCEPA postcards that will be mailed to the minister of the Environment Catherine McKenna who is responsible for CEPA.

One of the most effective ways to be heard by the government is to write a personal letter. Did you know that one personal letter is considered to represent one hundred citizens?

Click here for the guidelines on how to communicate with Minister McKenna telling her you want CEPA reform now.

Call the minister or your federal deputy saying you want CEPA reform (to find your MP by postal code, click here)

These are all actions that politicians take seriously.

If you belong to an organization interested in seriously regulating toxic substances, you can:

Sign on to our Declaration of women’s groups, environmental and health groups demanding CEPA reform (click here for the Declaration).

Ask to meet with your federal deputy on this issue (to find your MP by postal code, click here).

Organize letter-writing sessions with group members asking for CEPA reform.

We need your support to make this happen. Keep us informed of your work. The time is now.