The collective voice is powerful, but how do we ensure it includes all perspectives, especially when it comes to community health and environmental health? Join us for a captivating panel discussion that explores the challenges, opportunities and alternatives for building an inclusive movement. 

About the Round Table: 

Our round table will be moderated by Maguy Métellus and will bring together committed people and visionaries of social transformation: 

  • Alexandra Pierre, President of the Ligue des droits et libertés

  • Isabelle Paillé, Health Coordinator at Quebec Native Women

  • Lourdenie Jean, Founder of L’environnement c’est intersectionnel 

  • Naolo Charles, Founder of the Black Environmental Initiative (BE Initiative) and co-founder of the Canadian Coalition for Environmental and Climate Justice (CCECJ)

  • Sarah Dubuc, Independent researcher and political scientist

to address the following essential themes: 

  • Right to health and a healthy environment: current and emerging issues in our communities

  • Power dynamics within activist circles and exchange of expertise

  • Enlightened mobilization practices and anti-oppressive alternatives

  • Authentic partnerships

Who should participate?

This roundtable is aimed at all people wishing to participate in a caring and authentic conversation on community and environmental health issues and questions of inclusive mobilization.

Date and Place: Thursday, November 23, 2023, 4:15 p.m., at 7000, avenue du Parc, office 303B in Montreal or online on Zoom (link available after registration)

Register now to join this essential conversation.

Join the movement, make your voice heard! 

*The conversation will take place in French, but there will be English simultaneous translation online.*


*Conversation made possible thanks to the support of the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation 

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