Breast Cancer Action Quebec is a non-profit advocacy group directed by women who have been sensitized to the trauma of breast cancer and who are committed to prevention and the reduction of the incidence of this disease.

The focus of breast cancer research must move beyond its current emphasis on treatment to also embrace a serious search for the causes of the disease and its prevention. BCAQ promotes and supports the adoption of the Precautionary Principle as a guideline for action. The Precautionary Principle is a safety-first premise that states that, when there are reasonable scientific grounds for believing a process or product may not be safe, even when cause-and-effect relationships are not fully understood, preventive action must be taken.

How is BCAQ different from other breast cancer organizations?

While applauding the accomplishments of other breast cancer organizations, BCAQ is concerned that over 95% of the funds raised for research into breast cancer are devoted to improvements in screening and treatment, leaving little for research into the causes of this disease. BCAQ strives to put the spotlight on the reasons why breast cancer develops and why more women are being diagnosed. Our hope is that, one day, breast cancer can be stopped before it starts.

Why doesn’t BCAQ accept contributions from pharmaceutical companies?

In order to provide unbiased information about the primary prevention of breast cancer, its diagnosis and treatment, BCAQ must be free of any appearance of conflict of interest. Accordingly, BCAQ will not accept financial support from corporate entities whose products or services are known to BCAQ to include cancer diagnosis or treatment. (For more information on this, see BCAQ’s Policy on Corporate Contributions.)