At this year’s Annual General Meeting, Jennifer Beeman explained the rationale behind BCAM’s proposed name change that was adopted by the Board of Directors, and which required ratification from the organization’s members.

The name “Breast Cancer Action Montreal” (BCAM) positions the organization as a local group by situating it within a city.  In general, local groups only offer some services and organize some activities—they do not undertake broader actions, review scientific and medical information, or critique dominant industry stakeholders, as BCAM does. Indeed, BCAM’s reach is much more akin to the work done by national organizations. A comparison of BCAM’s work with that of local, provincial and national groups that are members of the Canadian Breast Cancer Network clearly confirmed this.

Consequently, the Board proposed a name change: Breast Cancer Action Québec, to better reflect the breadth and depth of the organization’s work.  The new name is in line with the organization’s Strategic Plan, adopted at the 2013 AGM, in which the first objective is to redefine the scope of the organization “toward a regional identity, consider[ing] that we serve the province of Québec.”

All issues were reviewed by members who then voted unanimously to ratify the name change. We are now “Action cancer du sein du Québec/Breast Cancer Action Québec” (ACS-Qc/BCA-Qc). We are slowly but steadily making this change on all platforms and documents.