Thank you to our donors

THANK YOU! We would like to publicly thank everyone who has made a donation to BCAQc since the last newsletter was published. BCAQc is funded primarily through private donations and your generosity enables us to continue our efforts to advocate for the prevention of breast cancer.


The Solstice Foundation, The Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Big Smiles Daycare, SPSICR-CUSM, Digor Inc., Girls Action Foundation, The Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, The Sorority Nu Delta Mu, Ville de Montreal, employees of Bell Canada, BMO Financial Group and RBC Financial Group through United Way’s Campaign, contributors through Travelers Employee Giving Campaign.


Avis Antel, Patricia Baird, Arik Azoulay, Carolyn Badger, Miriam Barna, Thérèse Blais-Brouillette, Deborah Bonney, Louise Bouchard, Markham & Gillian Bowman Mirotchnick, Maychai Brown, Alison Burns, Ken Cameron, Suzy Charto, Heidi Chernoff, Rosanne, Cohen, Linda Crevier, Ellen Davis, Deena Dlusy-Apel, Anick Druelle, Eileen Dubrovsky, Ruth Dunsky, Martine Eloy, Donnie Frank, Beatrice Freder, Arlene G..E. Gross, John Galambos, Ruth Gover, Nancy Guberman, Susan Hertzberg, Michael Hollinger, Ilsedore Jeremie, Evelyn Kalichman, Katherine Kasirer, Vicki Kearns, Eileen Kersulis, Shawna Ketter, Phyllis Kirk, Carol Kouri, Denise Labelle, Judy Labow, Sheryl Labow, Elizabeth Lallemand, Jocelyne Lamoureux, Brenda Laow, Andree Larose, Margaret LeBrun, Deborah Ostrovsky, Manon Paquette, Édith Priseau, Geneviève Rail, Anne Rochon Ford, Rose Rose, Aaron Rosengarten, Johanne Saint-Charles, Carol Secter, François Truchon, Dana Vocisano, Vivian Wiseman.


Joan Swamber from Shelley Freeman
Margaret from Elizabeth Hayes
Gil Levine from Tamara Levine
Bessie, Rose and Betty from Steven Prussin
Carla Gasparini from Kathryn Sherrard
Liz Jaye and Rose from Carole Summers
Jenny Stark from Pamella Tallman
Karen Young’s mother from Deena Apel & Max Beer
Joyce Berlow from Deena Apel & Max Beer
David Rosentzveig’s father from Deena Apel & Max Beer


Moira and Trish from Deborah Ostrovsky
Rosanne Cohen from Deborah Ostrovsky and Rémi Duquette
Terrye and Irv Perlman from Deborah Ostrovsky
Dave Lazar from Deena Apel & Max Beer

THANK YOU to the following MNAs for financial support on volunteer action: Geoffrey Kelley (Jacques-Cartier)

BCAQc would like to thank all of our volunteer translators for their commitment and dedication.