BCAQc Connected is published online by Breast Cancer Action Québec (BCAQc), a non-profit activist organization founded and directed by women dedicated to raising awareness about the issues surrounding breast cancer. Through lectures, debates, workshops and a comprehensive website, we strive to educate the public about the many questions associated with breast cancer. BCAQc provides information about environmental toxins linked to breast cancer, cancer research, and the precautionary principle. In support of public initiatives, we act to encourage politicians, policy makers and pharmaceutical companies to decrease our exposure to toxins and allocate more research funds to finding the environmental causes of breast cancer.

Membership is $35 per year (students and persons on fixed incomes - $10, organizational members - $50, life-time membership - $350). Membership and donations are tax-deductible.

BCAQc Connected Committee
Susan Hertzberg
Assistant Editor: Maychai Brown
Committee Members: Avis Antel, Jennifer Beeman, Patricia Kearns, Maureen Lafrenière, Viorica Lorcencova
French Editor: Jeanne Duhaime, C. Tr.
Translators: Monique Héroux, Christine Laprise, Joan McCordick, Lina Scarpellini, Geneviève Tardif